Verizon Wireless Wisconsin reviews

Verizon Wireless Wisconsin 1 800 phone number reviews

Dorothy Wilcox: About 2 years ago my Mom had cancer so we added her to our cell bill to help alleviate some of her costs. She is doing well now and wanted to start her own cell plan. I consulted with Verizon several times since we were doing installments on her phone. On 3 different occasions they told me that the installments were done and that she could have her number and phone moved from our account. When we went to unlock her phone they said that there were still installments pending. I called them and showed on my bill that we had paid all the installments. The phone was unlocked and she moved to her on plan with a different provider. Several times I asked if this was going cause us to be charged in any way if she takes her number and that phone to another account. Each time I was told no.

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Verizon Wireless Wisconsin live person reviews

Joseph Barrel: I’ve had Verizon for over 10 years. I have a good experience with them. They have answered all my questions and concerns. I plan on continue using them.

Arthur Cole: Verizon has a good network. I have had few dropped calls. Customer service has been excellent when I have problems. The only complaint I have is that I can only refill my account with the exact charge for the month.

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Reviews of Verizon Wireless Wisconsin E-mail

Dwight Wellington: I’ve been with Verizon approximately 15 years and I’ve always had great reception and service. Their price for service is high but to me it is well worth the expense for the customer service I receive.

Clara Morton: Too many no service areas still exist in California and depending on the service contract you have with Verizon determines the better your 4g or 5g service your phone receives.

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