Verizon Wireless West Virginia reviews

Verizon Wireless West Virginia online chat reviews

Michael Hutchinson: I travel Southern VT to Central VT with bluetooth enabled car. I used to be able to talk entire one hour drive. The past six months reception has dropped to half.

Dick Spencer: Mediocre service in our area. Customer service is usually slow and pushy. Although I am not totally happy with the service I have been a customer for over 20 years.

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Verizon Wireless West Virginia plans reviews

Alexia Edwards: After realizing my iPhone was messed up I spent 10 1/2 hrs on the phone, 8 1/2 with Verizon and another 2 with Apple only to find my phone obviously had problems, I was being charged $15 every other day for data yet had no game apps on my phone or a lot of apps of any kind. I’m 54 so I really only used call, text, occasional internet to google info but that’s about all. Yet I was getting charged ridiculous amounts of money each month usually upwards of $200 and above for one phone. In 8 1/2 hrs with Verizon I had to tell the problems I was having, then directed to supervisor to then again tell problems then give landline number to get callback that never came so I’d call back and repeat with no real help to anything I described.

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Reviews of Verizon Wireless West Virginia customer care service number

Jeffery Dickerson: I’ve been having problems with the internet connection and called the Verizon customer service and never have a real answer. Sent me from one phone number to another, bad service. Still with the problem.

Mark Hubbard: Verizon customer service sucks. Put on hold for too long and changes their contract up to where you pay for more than what they are not giving to you. Rude, snotty little ** who don’t wanna do what’s right.

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