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Betty Clark: It took almost two weeks to have a phone unlocked so I could change providers. I was sent into the Abyss of customer service representatives to have to repeat myself over and over again. Once even getting transferred to the Collections dept. I was told my phone could not be unlocked because there was a balance on the phone, but that was not true. So every three days after submitting a new case and speaking with several managers (I even think it was the manager that transferred me to the Collections Dept.) I received a blanket email telling me my request had been denied due to the phone having a balance. I was told that the process was automated and that a “real” person couldn’t help me that they had to keep submitting a new request. Finally, via a CHAT and within 15 minutes, my phone was finally unlocked. Amazing isn’t it? I will say I never had a problem with Verizon until I had a problem.

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Michael Gibbs: We made the mistake of trying to combine our Verizon bill with our DirecTV bill. This was not the move for us and, although it took several phone calls and a visit to the Verizon store, I feel we’re on the way to ‘unbundling’. But the people I talked with were very helpful and patient while we tried to undo the bundling.

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Naomi Stevenson: Save yourself some time, trouble and look elsewhere. Constantly CALL your business with “Help” which is actually sales pitches. After telling them numerous time to STOP calling and mail all sales pitches, they still continue to call. Try to go through customer service but their “Security” requires: your #, business name, address, account number and pin #, which you don’t know because they assign 1 to you and it’s not on your bills.

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