Verizon Wireless Vermont reviews

Verizon Wireless Vermont online chat reviews

Eric Clyde: We have been Verizon customers for over 10 years. When our daughter was in college we purchased the device protection for her phone. We have paid $8.99 per month since then (2011). Recently (2017) her phone died and we used the plan. Imagine our surprise when we realized the phone that we will pay our deductible toward – is a REFURBISHED phone. I’m sure it’s in the small print that they aren’t replacing it with new. Anyway the first two phones have been a bust and despite the face we’ve had the phone for 3 weeks – we have to do extensive over the phone troubleshooting in order to get another replacement. So if I calculate it right – we just paid $579.49 for a refurbished iPhone 6. Wow… Makes us look pretty silly.

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Verizon Wireless Vermont 1 800 phone number reviews

Patrick Hover: I canceled my entire account because my bill was too expensive. And then about 3 or 4 weeks later they pull out of my bank account almost 500 dollars the night before a major surgery. Is 500 the amount I owe for canceling? No. It’s not. They reassured me that I would get a paper bill in the mail and it would not take out. And when I was canceling my damn account. I was hung on 7 times. So in total I was in the damn phone for 4 hours. They were constantly messing up my bill which is why I canceled in the first place but now this. I’m 20 years old trying to pay for surgeries and they pull 500 out of my bank account when I’m not even a customer anymore.

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Reviews of Verizon Wireless Vermont 24 hour number

Dina Walsh: Verizon has gained a good reputation, at least I see it as a customer.

Mark Thompson: I’m glad I’ve shifted from AT&T to Verizon.

Bill Carter: They rock!!!

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