Verizon Wireless Tennessee reviews

Verizon Wireless Tennessee telephone number reviews

Charles Wood: I’ve been a Verizon customer for about 8 years. I used to have DSL service that Verizon changed to U-verse with the promise to lock the price. First bill I received it said the price was a promotion for 12 months, called them and they confirmed and said that I won’t have any problem, when promotion expired, just call them and they will put it back. But that was a lie, year after year I have to fight the customer service to change me from one promotion to another. Finally they offered me to join internet and iPhone bills for 1 year (promotion again) to save me $30.00 and they also will increase the speed (which I did not ask for). Result, I have got a bill for $190, about $60 more than I used to pay for both bills separately. So, my question is why I’m still with them? Too slow, I guess. Looking right now for another company that can honor what it promises.

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Verizon Wireless Tennessee mail address reviews

Edward May: Attempted to switch to Verizon after receiving an offer in the mail for a free iPhone 7. Customer service assured me via chat that I was eligible for the offer. After attempting to activate the phone upon receipt, I was informed that the offer was only available to those porting in a number and that my number was not eligible to be ported. This was contradictory to what I had been told via customer service chat. After spending about 2 hours on the phone with multiple people, they determined that my number was not eligible for port. Because of the confusion they would honor the promotion anyway.

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Reviews of Verizon Wireless Tennessee hours of operation

Catherine Reynolds: I’m going to keep staying with this provider.

Jack Brighton: Verizon has offered me a better signal than its rivals.

Beverley Lindsey: I guess that T-Mobile is much better.

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