T-Mobile Wisconsin reviews

T-Mobile Wisconsin phone number reviews

Joshua Harrison: I upgraded my phone with T-Mobile Next program, biggest mistake of my life, at a T-Mobile store. I was tacked on services that I never wanted. They lied to me about my shared data usage on the “free” iPad they offered and lied about the international roaming. All resulted in a significant overage on my bill. I called customer service multiple times, 15 and counting, but every time after relaying my story to a new agent, I got empty promises. They opened a case with “Back Office” supposedly the ultimate authority on resolving disputes and supposed to do so in 7-10 business days. Well, it has been over 2 months, 3 escalation tickets on the original case later, I am still sitting frustrated. My service keeps getting cancelled even though I have been paying my bills regularly except for the disputed charges.

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T-Mobile Wisconsin 1800 number reviews

Donald Parrish: The network coverage is vast and reliability is high. Customer service is iffy but no worse than the other big 3 A&T, Verizon, and Sprint. I have been a customer of all except Sprint. Excessive wait times on phone calls, inability of service agents to explain basic billing questions and inexplicable monthly billing statements prove more than a little aggravating.

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Alfred McBride: T-Mobile has always been there for me and have gone above and beyond helping me with whatever trouble I have had. There was one incident with one of their reps that really left me flabbergasted, but with the speed they took care of the incident amazed me. There is no way you will go wrong in choosing T-Mobile as your provider with whatever service you need. They will always have your back and more.

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