T-Mobile West Virginia reviews

T-Mobile West Virginia fax number reviews

Elizabeth Taylor: Customer service is fine if you go into the store, but I’m not sure about trying to reach them by phone. I feel like their rates for data are too high, and their coverage is really spotty.

Sophia King: The overall service is not great, but is decent. The amount of dropped calls has decreased over the past few years. My main complaint is the hidden fees, exorbitant costs of their services – especially unlimited texting, internet costs.

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T-Mobile West Virginia customer service phone number reviews

Arthur Clyde: When we lived in Florida, T-Mobile was the only service that was reliable during the hurricanes. This was around 2005. I am a nurse and had to be at the hospital while it was going on. What a relief it was to stay in contact with my family at home.

Ruth McLaughlin: Attitude is always overpriced and for the most part take advantage of their customers with pricing and constant increases. Why don’t they appreciate long time customers with better prices?

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Reviews of T-Mobile West Virginia live person

Frank Davis: I have been with T-Mobile forever, I think it is the best phone company out there. I was one of the first to get tv service with them. They are lenient when you need extra time for payments.

Harry Little: Great customer service at my local store… (Harbor View-Suffolk, VA) and my plan is pretty good cost wise too. Main issue/problem with T-Mobile is trying to get a signal at times in the area where I live. Sometimes reception is good, other times it sucks. It doesn’t matter what the weather is, signal just fluctuates at any given time… Other than that I’ve really had no problems.

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