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Edward Hoover: I have an iPhone that was paid with cash in 2014 and service with Sprint plan for 3 years. I then purchased a pre-paid monthly card and their service is horrifically slow and many times with no service. I went to get Verizon pre-paid plan yesterday and Sprint LOCKED my phone and holding it ransom for 6 months on a Pre-paid with no contract nor commitment. How is this legal??? It’s so deceptive and I am disgusted with this company!

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Judith Black: Beware of the Sprint trade in program. I tried to take advantage of this scam and they STOLE MY PHONE. I traded in a perfectly good iPhone 6S. They never contacted me to let me know they received it. I had to call in to find out they did get it. They told me it was worth $60, stating it did not work properly. Ridiculous. I said, “So send it back.” I shopped it at Gazelle.com and at that time it was worth $215. They refused to return it, and they never issued an account credit. I spent at least eight hours on the phone trying to resolve it, and finally gave up. I switched service to ** and couldn’t be happier. Avoid Sprint like the plague. They are THIEFS. They will STEAL YOUR PHONE, so don’t let that happen to you.

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Thomas Simmons: I find that Sprint uses a lot of “bait and switch” tactics to up your bill. Whatever they advertise you can add about 30% more costs when you actually get the service. You will be on hold for at least 30 minutes when trying to get any answers to your questions. The service is adequate but they are not transparent in their prices.

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