OpenSignal Speed Test Reviews

OpenSignal Speed Test

OpenSignal Windows 7 reviews

Claudini Varguez: OpenSignal Speed Test — amazing app! It’s so useful to localize cell towers and WiFi around me. Also it comes in handy when traveling to know where you do get actual coverage from your carrier. Congratulations.

Alma O’connery: OpenSignal Speed Test — great app, it helps determine which networks work best in certain areas so you can look up connection for the switch!

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Opensignal WiFi Map reviews

Lesley Jones: Not bad! Accuracy on the speed test could be better, as once I got a reading of 0, but the third time I tried it read much more accurately. Love being able to find closest cell tower. Love Wi-Fi hotspot and coverage map whenever I need it. No ads – BIG plus. EASY user interface! Nice colors, too. I will suggest this speed test app to friends and family for sure! 🙂

Rick Wolf: OpenSignal Speed Test — absolutely brilliant application. I was really struggling to get decent internet in my village and was unsure whether to change over to 4G as the speed test results on my mobile were uninspiring. After downloading this app I was able to locate my nearest cell tower and run a proper 4g test. Now getting well over 40 meg connection through 4g instead of a unreliable 7 from my previous supplier.

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