Lyca Mobile Plans Reviews

Lyca Mobile family plan reviews

Smith: I am traveling a lot, so it is almost unreal to have a constant mobile tariff. Once I have tried Lyca Mobile and since that time I didn’t change the phone tariff. I was pleasantly surprised with its price and what is more important – coverage. Plans are quite reasonable and suit my consuming habits perfectly.

Aiken: I am using Lyca phone plans since 2009 and for the whole period of membership, I had no troubles with call quality and coverage. Free calls and the 4G are just made for me, I don’t need more, so I am happy not to overpay.

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Lyca Mobile international plans reviews

Aldwin: Usually, I use my phone with Lyca Mobile plan in Kansas, sometimes I am going abroad and it is so uncomfortable to change the tariff. So, I have tried to leave my Lyca plan and I can say for sure that it was a good decision. I didn’t spend much and had all necessary functions.

Arran: If you are going to visit several countries, there is a sense in choosing different mobile tariffs. In some areas, you may lose a lot and in some regions prices are OK.

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