How to Repair Your Credit?

It is very important to notice that to repair bad credit is similar to losing weight. There is no quick fix for it and it takes time to fix the credit score. Most of the times, it’s one of these quick fix ways that backfires. Therefore, you should stay away from these claims that try to repair your credit faster. The best way to rebuild your credit is to manage it properly over time. If you have been neglecting it, then it will be difficult. Then, in such a case you should be working on your credit history before credit score improvement. Some of the tips are mentioned below that will slowly but steadily help you repair your credit.

The starting point of credit score repair is the credit report. You are entitled to a free copy each year, so if you haven’t ordered it yet, then you should. Request your free copy of the credit report and give it a check for errors. The report has the data which is used to calculate your score and may contain some errors. You need to make sure that there are no incorrect late payments listed in your report.  Check if the amounts owed are correct or not. If you find any discrepancy with your report, you should get it corrected with the reporting agencies and the credit bureau.


It is easy to forget the dates on which your payments are due sometimes. So, it is better if you keep a reminder for it. Making the payments on time is a big influencing factor to the credit score. Some of the banks offer the payment reminders through various ways, like online banking portals that reminds you by sending you an email or messages on phone that your payment is due. You can also get yourself enrolled in the automatic payment services of credit cards. You can also authorize the loan providers to automatically debit the amount from the bank account. This will help you in paying the minimum payment you are due.

Your main aim should be to reduce the amount you are due. Reducing the amount of debt that you owe will help you a lot in getting a satisfying feeling rather than improving your credit score. The first thing to do in this direction is to stop using your credit cards. Make a list of all your accounts and go online to check recent statements and get down to a figure that you owe on each account and the rate of interest they are charging you. Then chalk out a plan that will revolve around paying your debt as soon as possible. The high interest rate account should be given the first priority while you maintain the minimum payments on the other accounts. You should be prompt with your payments as the payment history has a thirty five percent contributing factor towards your score calculation.

Make sure you pay your bills on time. Make sure you come up with a practical plan and stick to it so that you don’t have to suffer from a bad credit again.

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