AT&T Wireless Wisconsin reviews

AT&T Wireless Wisconsin customer service number reviews

Georgia West: AT&T has great coverage. In fact, in remote mountainous areas of the Rocky Mountains, it is the ONLY provider that had coverage most of the time. However, the cost advertised is always deceptive. They do NOT provide what would be anything that closely resembles customer service for the phones they sell in the store. If you buy the phone from them, you better be prepared to be told it is not their problem if there an issue with the phone. I dislike dealing with this company.

Edwina Roberts: I’ve had an account with ATT since back in the 60’s. They made and set the lines and they give the best service. Very courteous and respectful. The service is fast. If I have a problem, they come right away.

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Michael Green: I love the fact that my minutes roll over from month to month. I don’t like having to. It a new phone every 2 years. I like how you used to get free phones or low one time payment.

Amelia Cross: They keep changing things like PW requirements, reaching customer service, serpentine explanations about billing, and the coup-de-grace, their international plan to sign up when traveling abroad: imagine my surprise at an extra $290 in my bill because of their incomprehensible explanation. My adult sons are pretty savvy, and they were taken in as well. Other than that, staff at stores have always been fine.

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AT&T Wireless Wisconsin tech support reviews

Jacob Cunningham: I like AT&T, but it could be much less expensive. I hear what other people pay, and I am always paying so much more. However, AT&T works well up here.

William Walsh: Their customer service people are great. No complaints about the people that work their customer service, however, I’m not so sure about AT&T company as a whole. That would need some improvement.

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