4G LTE Switch Reviews

4G LTE Switch app reviews

Whitney Burn: I am now able to switch to LTE while at work. We have a internal 4G ATT network but my cell phone keeps a hold of a LTE tower 1/2 mile down the road and I only get 1 bar. Now I can get 5 bars by switching to our internal 4G network. so easy, THANK YOU

Ray Barry: Is really a very good application (4GLTE Switch) esp in areas like north-east where 3G signals are weak. This app force lock my device to 3g & I could access uninterrupted 3g. It works well with Redmi 4G Note. I am giving 5.

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4G LTE Switch Basemobi reviews

Tony Craig: Does exactly what I need it to do. My phone kept connecting to H+, and I was unable to get any data connection. Used this to switch to LTE only, and now my connection is working with no issues.

Jack Born: Was getting frustrated with my Verizon S6 that wouldn’t allow me full control of my network mode but this app did it with no hassle. Good application to force your network to stay 4G but mine had problem with calls and SMS when it is on LTE mode only. Had to manually switch to auto LTE/CDMA/GSM. Highly recommended app.

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